New code to improve broadband information for consumers

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Hon Amy Adams

Minister for Communications and Information Technology


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12 December 2013

Media Statement

New code to improve broadband information for consumers

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has welcomed a new code of practice she had sought that will make it easier for consumers to understand and compare different broadband products.

The code, which comes into effect on 1 March 2014, was developed by the Telecommunications Forum (TCF) in response to a request from Ms Adams for better product information about broadband plans for consumers.

“As the Ultra-Fast Broadband network is rolled out around the country, consumers will need a clear foundation on which to consider and compare broadband offerings,” Ms Adams says.

“It is important that consumers are provided with accurate information about competing product offerings and are able to make informed choices.

“The introduction of a code is an important step towards improving transparency for broadband products in New Zealand.”

The code requires telecommunications companies to provide a consistent set of basic information for consumers about their broadband plans, including total cost, contract term, data caps and any traffic management policies they have that could affect speeds or access.

The code will also cover new products that are coming to market using UFB, as well as existing fixed-line residential broadband services.

The code will be mandatory for all TCF members, which includes the majority of New Zealand’s telecommunications providers.

Ms Adams says the next step will be to introduce an independent system for testing how different broadband services perform in practice.

An independent testing system is being developed that will complement the new code.

The code can be viewed at

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