Shovel Ready Projects

Infrastructure Industry Reference Group (IRG)


The deadline for receiving project information has now passed.

The Infrastructure Reference Group (IRG) supported by CIP is now working through the process to collate and review the information provided against the IRG criteria published on CIP’s website. This work will inform the Reference Group’s identification of “Shovel Ready” projects that are suitable for inclusion in a report to be considered by Government.

This is an ongoing process in which Government is yet to consider and form any views on next steps. As such, no undertaking can be made that any projects provided to the Reference Group will be accelerated or receive any support.

We value your support on this initiative and appreciate your patience while we work through this process. IRG through CIP intends to contact all parties that provided project information once Government advises what the next steps are.

Crown Infrastructure Partners Ltd is assisting the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group to advise the Government on issues affecting the construction industry, as a result of the COVID 19 crisis. I am the Chairman of the Reference Group, as well as of CIP.

As an initial task the Reference Group has been asked to prepare a list of infrastructure projects/programmes that are ready for construction and could, if the Government deemed it appropriate, be deployed as part of a stimulatory package. It should be noted that the full impact of COVID 19 on the economy will not be known for some time and the Government’s decision to accelerate any construction-related spend will be determined by its assessment of priorities at the time.  This information is being sought in good faith but no undertaking can be made that the criteria or any other considerations will not change or that any projects coming forward from the Reference Group will be accelerated, or any of the Reference Group’s recommendations adopted. This situation we all find ourselves in is truly dynamic.

The criteria outlined in the Project Information Guidelines (see below) is intended to help you understand the types of infrastructure projects the Reference Group is interested in. Key points to remember are that the projects must be for the public benefit, or if private, must have a public benefit or be capable of being repurposed for public benefit. It is not the intention to put up proposals to merely bail out private sector investors.

Mark Binns
Chairman, Crown Infrastructure Partners Limited and Infrastructure Industry Reference Group.

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