The RBI2/MBSF programme will provide improved broadband access to approximately 84,000 rural households & businesses

When is RBI2 going to be available at my place?

The deployment schedule for RBI2 is now available on the National Broadband Map

An address checker is available on the map where you can type in your address to see when you will receive RBI2 broadband coverage. This will show both planned and actual coverage and give an indication of the timing for planned coverage.

The company providing service in your area is listed on the Availability Report when you search your address.

Type in your address below to see if you can get RBI2 coverage:

Please note that Scheduling is indicative and may change without notice. Actual coverage will depend on site availability, consenting and other matters.

RBI2 coverage goes as far as it can with the current funding. The aim is to close as much of the digital divide as possible. If you find that your address is not showing as due to receive coverage on the National Broadband Map [please register your address here